London 27/09-1/10/2015

This was my second time visiting london, and i had no idea you could love a city this much. the journey towards London wasn’t all that great but for the money i’ve paid i didn’t complain (much).
I got on a bus all excited (yes a got there by bus, it was cheap and i could easily slepe on it). But the drivers weren’t friendly at all. but i have no need to go in detail about all of that. When i arrived in London i got as fast as i could to my hostel (because it’s an amazing one! (i’ll provide any details you need at the end of my posts). i’ve stayed there before and had a great time then. it has a bar which is an easy way to meet locals and other travelers. While last time i’ve met a lot of travelers this time i met a lot of locals. they started calling me the tourist (which i didn’t mind). i’ve met this handsome bloke (guy) who showed me around the London nightlife. You have some pretty nice bars but after 11 a lot of them change glasses to plastic cups. And be prepared to drink warmish beer. But the people i’ve met where the nicest londoners i can imagine. Although as a female traveling alone be prepared to get a lof sexual offers.
Also i did more than just going out to bars and get lost in a cute guy his eyes.
I went to the Harry potter Studio tours. If you are a potterhead you should go! don’t doubt because it’s a lot of money (because it is). It is worth every penny!
The staff that works over there is so amazing, i don’t want to say to much because i hate to be spoiler. But you’ll be so happy going there!!!!!!! trust me. i found a site that gives the tours and transportation from london to the studios and back. And on the bus they play the first movie to get you in the mood (amazing or what).
I’ve also went to the WhoExperience which also had the nicest staff.
It’s in cardiff so that’s a 2hrs train ride from london (paddington station). this is in end more expensive than the potter tour because the train is expensive. but still worth it. its so fun and you have “your own little TARDIS adventure”. and afterwards just stroll around cardiff a litlle. there is a beautiful castle and for the people who love to shop, a big shopping street. as for me i found a park sat down in the sun and fell asleep.
But the reason i love i london is because i always meet new people.
It has the most amazing vibe.
And people just don’t give a damn.
I could say so much more but i am tired and i don’t want to make it boring to read.
until the next post


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