The Steel city, The city of Anti-flag and the international street medicine.
So for those of you wo don’t real know me (most of you) you should know i have a soft spot for Anti-flag. This is not a typical Travel post. It’s more of an appreciation post. 

The street medicine institute symposium

I was extremely lucky to able to attend the 15th International street medicine symposium (ISMS).
For those of you wondering what its about and what street medicine is I would like to direct you to the website of the international street medicine symposium you can click this ->ISMS.
I want to give a special extraordinary thank you to the SMI. Jim, Liz, Pat and everyone that took the time to put all of this together.

I Loved how I was able to meet people that have such good hearts, that are war and friendly. And let me tell you at whatever point you would have walked in you would feel the love. I’m not a big people person and people scare me very easily and even I was able to connect and make friends. So that should tell you something.
I have had a change to speak with Jim withers personally and he has made such a big impression on me. He listened to me as an equal and that is something I havent experienced before.  I am someone with lived experience and I won’t go into detail about that yet because I don’t feel comfortable yet with telling it. but I havent had people notecing and listening to me Jim did. Jim is a doctor and one of the founders of the SMI.

The remembrance wall.

Okay so Pittsburgh has this one thing I believe every city should have. Its a wall to remember those who lived and died on the streets. If you have a chance to stop by this you should. And it’s a good way to make share that they too shall be remberd and people who knew them have a place to reminisce. E4D90C3B-DB33-4675-94E0-0D362D709BAD



Anti flag

What’s so special about Anti flag you say?
Have you met them?
I mean I havent met them in person but aye! they are awesome. They have such a good spirit and they stand up for what they believe no matter who’s in front of them ( if only I had their spirit). They have the most inspirational music and I always feel energized after a show.
They don’t know it but they my boys (and yes I just said they my boys).
But I will stop talking about them because otherwise I will keep on talking about this for hours.


I was so privileged to be able to travel to Pittsburgh and have the blessing of walking around in this beautiful town.
Because it is beautiful! And no words I will use can ever fully express the impression Pittsburgh has left on me.




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  1. I can sense Pittsburgh being some sort of a Spirit City to you (you know – like you could have a spirit animal – Gwenimal ❤ ). Thanks for the blogpost!


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