It feels strange to back all the way to page one. to the very beginning.
Me who’s always surrounded by women, like big cloud of mist hanging around me, Desperate for attention and my subtle touch.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned after all these years… 1. keep em wanting more 2. always be honest about what you want 3. keep personals details to a bare minimum. You can play a game but don’t play the heart. I don’t want drama, I don’t want to be asked ho my day was, whenever I take someone home they know they leave first thing in the morning. As soon as we wake up you’re gone, no shower, no coffee. Just a kiss goodbye and that’s it. And as always I don’t have to put in any effort this evening. I’m sitting here at the bar in my favorite corner. She walks over to me very sensual and seductive and I can see it in her eyes. She wants me, she licks her lips while she looks me in the eyes it makes me want to rip the black dress off of her right here. But I have to control myself. So I take a sip of my beer while she greets me. And I instantly let my other side take complete control over me. I don’t here a word she says. I just nod and laugh at the appropriate time. It happens when I drink to much, this other person that’s buried deep inside of me comes out. Like a demon and it takes over me. It needs to be fed, I needs to hunt. And half of the time I don’t remember what happens.It just loose control. As it always is, it was the same that night.

I wake up next someone hardly knowing what happend. I feel content, released and as she wakes up smiling I know she’s happy as well. Her needs are met. they always are when they come home with me.
With a kiss on the cheek and a slap on the ass I send her back outside.
“Hope I’ll see you again some time soon” she shouts while walking out.
“wouldn’t count on it” I replied.
I hop in the shower and get changed. Today’s a big day If I can get this contract I have enough money to keep the lifestyle I’ve created for myself. one where I can drink all night and sleep to noon. I take on quick look in the mirror to admire myself one last time. I look good, I know I do. my brown curls give an extra detention to my face and strong jawline. and my big blue eyes make the girls melt. They love my long lashes, why are they so obsessed with long lashes?
The shirt accentuates my arms, even though I don’t go to the gym they’re quit muscular. the slim costume pants make my ass look firm. I take one last look at my watch and hop out the door while putting on blazer. The sun may be out but the wind makes it feel colder than it actual is. The city is busy and I love it. Tourism and students have been growing over the years. It has made the boring people leave which is good for my game; But it has also brought in new players. Not that any of them are a match for me. I get a text from girl what’s her name from two weeks ago saying she misses me and want to meet up again. I immediately block her. She should’ve know better. She knows the rules iv’e explained them very carefully. How did she get my number?
I hear a car honking, look up and in that moment I can feel my body being picked up by the hood of the car. i see myself being swept up and for a second it feels like flying before I land on the car behind it and roll of. I feel the gravel on the pavement hitting my face. My face feels warm and I know I’m bleeding, I know I’ve been hurt bad. I hear people screaming and after that I loose focus.

“He just came out of nowhere” the driver shouted completely in schok.
A girl on the street is calling the ambulance while her hands are shaking. A man on a bike stops to take his pulse. he’s still alive but has a weak heartbeat. “you have to lay him on side then” someone shouted.
“no you don’t touch him”
“but I’ve followed a class once”
“and I’m an ER nurse, who do you think has the better knowledge”
And after that everything went silent. Cars drove by very slowly and people had their phones out to film everything that was happening.
You could hear the ambulances coming closer with the second the alarms sounding like a call to let the man on the ground know that help was on the way.


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