a faint sound ‘beep beep beep, beep’ a buzzing sound and a strong pinching feeling around his left arm.
Tom tried to open his eyes but it hurt. In my life i could not remember feeling this much pain all at once an overall.
Some once said that its impossible to feel pain in more then one place. because your brain shuts out. Apparently it would be impossible to handle. If i ever found her again i would tell her it is indeed possible. I tried to turn my head to see where I am. but it was so heavy. I can’t even move my arms or legs. ‘why is my mouth so dry’ I think to my self. It feels like I ate sand the last night. Immediately I trie to go back in my head to remember what happened.
So I went to bar…. but I didn’t drink that much did I? No i’t couldn’t be. I wouldn’t let myself lose control.
But what happened? did I get in a fight? Me? who always tries to avoid conflict? whatever happened shook me good. I’m numb.
That girl, did she do something? no she passed the test.. but?.

Bam the door opens and lights flick on. Not realizing I’ve been lying in the dark all this time.
The tv gets turned on and put on this general music station. Not that I have a problem with general pop music.
But its always the same in a different jacket. Its always about love, losing lover, finding love. Like it’s that easy.
I hear water running as one of them takes the sheet of my body.
No one asked a thing, no one approached me or even introduced themselves. I look her straight in the eye as I trie to say something.
but nothing comes out. She looks at me with blue eyes that look extremely tired.
‘Ah goodmorning Tom’ she says. ‘were here to wash you’.
And she takes off my clothes there I am completely naked. no questions no further information.
The other one who looked like an exact copy came back with a bowl of water. They started talking about their weekend and disregard me or my being. I have never felt more humiliated in my life then I have now. Even tough at this moment I can’t walk or talk I still deserve to be talked to. To get information. As they are talking about how much they partied and drank while handling me like a thing I start to realize why people complain about hospitals. Because there can’t be another place for me to be now than a hospital.
If they received the same care I did now, its condemnable.
They left in the same brute way as they came in. Only now im washed sitting straight up in bed and looking at that same damn music channel they never turned off. I can understand you like this music, but please remember not everyone does.
” 201 wants water, can’t he leave us alone for one second”
” 223 shit the bed”
” 207 keeps on complaining, I never met anyone more difficult”
And the talking went on and on. I know Amy cheated on her boyfriend with Stan from pneumo.
I’ve been hearing them talking about everything and everyone. Do they not realize I’m lying here and am very much aware?

The lady on news lets me know that it’s noon. followed by the highlights of the day so far.
There’s a knock on the door and I hear someone walk in.
“Hello Tom, my name is Annabelle” a woman says as she approaches.
” I hear you’re awake”. “lets see if you can eat and drink something”.
She puts a tray on the table next to me and moves it closer.
I try to look what she’s doing but it hurts so much to move my head.
Her face is know in my sight and I can see she has light brown hair hair that can easily be mistaken for dark blond.
“how are you feeling” she ask while looking straight at me.
I try to speak but again nothing comes out.
“lets try with drinking first”
She takes a glass of water with a straw and brings it to my mouth.
I drink as much as I can, I can feel it making my mouth al sticky and mushy.
“you must have been thirsty, let’s see if eating has the same effect”.

I never even realized how ravenous I was until I had that first bite.
“slow down” Annabelle said.
“you need to take your time, you’ve been asleep for quite some time”.
“how long” I try to say. But all that comes out are just graveling sounds.
“about two weeks” she replies faintly smiling.
“I can’t read your thoughts, but I imagine that’s what your trying to say”.
“you’ll be speaking again in no time, for now give your body some rest”.
“do you remember what happened”?
I try to shake my head.
“the doctor will be in this afternoon, she’ll explain everything”.
“I’ll give you some time to rest, do you want tv to be on?”
Again I shake my head.
“happy to see you’ve opened your eyes”
As she leaves the room she turns off the tv.


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