review the homeless gospel choir – Creepshow – Anti flag @ patronaat Haarlem.

review the homeless gospel choir – Creepshow – Anti flag @ patronaat Haarlem.

Patronaat is one of the easiest venue’s one can go to. If you want to relax in between show’s there are bean bags available. The beer comes in glass bottles, which lets be honest always tastes better. The staff is amazing end very helpful in pointing you in the right direction or wandering any questions you have. Even when that questions is “who is the better Sherlock Holmes, Cumberbatch or Downing Jr.” its still undecided tough.
The venue is divided in a lower and upper part. Wich gives it an extra vibe.
You can pay via card so you don’t have to worry too much about carrying cash around and you’re not stuck with drink tickets by the end of the night. But however getting to the toilets can be bitch because of the stairs and people blocking them to see the show.

The homeless gospel choir.

A one man show surrounded by his own little made choir.

Singing acoustic songs while playing on his guitar. It’s not hard to see why Derek is getting along very well with the guys from anti-flag. 

Lyrics like ‘ this is a protest song from western Pennsylvania.” Or 

“You’re never gonna be normal

You’re never gonna be normal

You’re never gonna be normal cause you’re a punk”

Got everyone in the right state of mind.

Derek uses his guitar like a weapon to spread his message across but you can also feel the love he tries to spread around when he speaks in between his songs.

with his sometimes heavy lyrics in which you can feel the pain he put into to words very easy you’re taken back to the insecure teenage ages and it all feels very strange yet nostalgic. 

It had a very drunk night at beach singing songs by the bonfire kina vibe. 

And at the end of a hard week i opened it with open arms.

The Creepshow

In all honesty i was very sceptic about this show. I don’t really feel very excited to hear female leaded bands playing. I always feel they try too hard. They have to be more and extra. But let me tell you this… I WAS WRONG. Kendra proved me so wrong. And i am really happy that I’m wrong.

This was a good show. It was a great show. There’s a rockabilly vibe coming off from the start.

I’ve kind of lost myself in the mosh pit and dancing to the sound to really write a review about the show. But hell doesn’t that mean that the show was an absolute blast?

They gave away such a positive vibe and so much love that it started to feel a tingly inside.
An so much energy, the got the crowd pumping and on their feet. I was kinda sad it was over that fast. 


Now these are my boys! and every time they are about to come on stage i start to giggle like a 9 year old girl. If we’re honest we all have bands that have that effect on us. I can’t be the only one. 

Hey ho let’s go started playing and the whole venue was singing along and i just know it won’t be long before they come on. 

In all honesty i’ve seen them 5 times now in the last 2 years. So i was a little worried that i would be too much. But they bring it every fucking time. The riff’s the messages they spread out. They just brought out 20/20 vision and it’s a classic. Although the opinions on this are somewhat divided there’s no denying that some songs really do pop.

With christian nationalist and hate conquers all. I love how they always end the show with the drums in the middle of the crowd (normally it would be Pat) and Chris #2 is standing on top of the drums just standing among us. 

But let me tell you this about the concert in the Netherlands. I saw how people are supposed to act. I met two young girls and the whole concert we looked out for each other. We protected and cared. It’s like Chris #2 always says. ‘whenever it’s here or in the pit, when somebody falls you pick them the fuck back up’. So please use this all in your life. Look around, care and support whether its your friends or someone you see on the streets. 



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